What is Virtual Reality?

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Virtual Reality is the technology that makes you experience anything, anywhere by unleashing any possible imagination. Right now, it is the most immersive technology that tricks human brain by making it believe to be somewhere it is really not. In the current market, there are head mounted displays, most times with integrated headphones and hand controllers. With these head mounted displays (VR Headsets) you may look at any part of the virtual world, move freely and interact with 3d virtual objects.

Below there is a list of the most popular Virtual Reality devices on the market.

In the video below you may have a look at what Codemodeon did by using the Oculus Rift device. It is the Turkcell Kopilot VR virtual reality application demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2018, Barcelona.


In the traditional approach, a virtual reality headset is able to simulate feelings just for 2 senses (sight and hearing). In order to simulate feelings for the other 3 senses there are different sensory solutions in the market. One of them is FeelReal. This device is wearable electronic mask which simulates smell. It supports hundreds of different smell which can be triggered from the software while you are immersed in the 3D virtual world. Smells like metal, gunpowder, fire, ocean, forest etc. are just a few examples from the wide range thart FeelReal offers.


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FeelReal Virtual Reality Smell Mask


The HaptX device is used to simulate the touch perception. It is a virtual reality glove that gives force feedback when we touch or grab something in the virtual world. The full potential of this glove goes up to 1.8 kg pressure for each finger.

HaptX Sanal Gerçeklik Eldiveni
HaptX Virtual Reality Glove

In what areas is Virtual Reality used?

Virtual Reality is used in many areas nowadays. We are listing just some of the most important ones below:

  • Education
  • Industry
  • Medicine
  • Travel
  • Gaming
  • Tourism & Culture
  • Entertainment

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