Be Memorable Through Experience

Codemodeon is an award-winning creative technology company that produces cutting-edge XR experiences and digital applications.

What We Believe

Communicating via VR & AR

Virtual Reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) are the mediums that are vital in terms of effective communication. These visual mediums enhance learning and memory recall. Immersive experiences help us organize and remember information spatially by building connections between the information and the visual features in the environment. It also requires a less cognitive load to process it all in comparison with getting the same amount of information from a textbook. We believe that companies should benefit from emerging VR & AR technologies with the right content created for them. There are countless possible ways to integrate VR & AR into business such as marketing, employee training, education, collaboration and more.

With our technical expertise and know-how, we help our clients make clear and insightful decisions about the ways in which these mediums can realistically be used to achieve their goals.


Our work has been awarded and recognized numerous times by international and local authorities.

Codemodeon Awards-01
Hermes Creative x6
Codemodeon Awards-06
The Communicator x10
Codemodeon Awards-04
Muse Creative
Codemodeon Awards-05
Brandon Hall
Codemodeon Awards-03
The Stevies
Codemodeon Awards-02
VR Indie Pitch


Our Footprint

The experiences that we have created have traveled the world.

Our projects have been installed and experienced by audiences in cities around the world including London, Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, Helsinki, Edinburgh, Dublin, Qatar, Belgrade and across Turkey.