Our Services

We produce bespoke immersive and interactive solutions by utilizing breakthrough technology in VR, AR and human-computer interaction. Our mission is to create value for businesses in marketing, employee training and education, production, and more fields.

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6+ Years of Experience

We deliver robust, reliable and comprehensive solutions which combine hardware, software development, experience design and gamification.

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35+ Virtual Reality Projects

We have successfully completed more than 35 VR projects in experiential marketing, training/education, and entertainment areas.

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Various Sectors

We worked with the clients from different verticals such as healthcare, telecommunications and automotive.

Let's brainstorm the potential uses of VR in your business

Project Development

It has been proven that immersive experiences improve user performance in tasks such as spatial understanding, memorization and training. Forget the limits of the traditional and use the power of immersive technologies in your business to achieve more.

Instagram Filters for your Brand

You may reach tremendous amount of people by using instagram filters. Your brand’s motto or your product awareness will reach to the next level by building extraordinary effects.

Interactive Experiences and Games

Deliver your message, engage with your audience or just attract attention of your focus group through games or interactive experiences. We love to create unique ways of interacting with a digital environment. To do this we integrate types of devices, custom hardware, and software.

360° Interactive Video

360° video production is a great way to share moments and locations with your audience. It is also possible to enrich the experience by adding interactivity and special effects. 360-degree videos can be distributed through platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.