360 Video Showreel

Why 360 Video?


Wider area of view

Instead of the traditional approach, we can now have a 360 degree panoramic view in a video feed.


Freedom to the viewer

Different from the common screens where the viewer looks at a specific angle all the time, in 360 videos the viewer choses the direction to watch.


Creative storytelling

Bu using 3D tools, a 360 video can be merged with virtual content in order to create an interactive experience for the user.


VR Integration

The videos are prepared and included within a VR app which can be any device from cardboards up to VR Headsets.


New advertising medium

VR is a new medium that uses the latest technology and 360 videos perfectly suit this environment.


Presence feeling

The audience watching the 360 video is immersed inside by having a depth feeling of the view.