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Virtual Reality is becoming a must-have tool for marketing strategies. Especially with the fast emerging technologies in our life, marketing tools are not to be left behind. Big corporates and even little indie companies are using Virtual Reality as a tool to become viral and increase brand awareness. We are happy to share with you some successful VR experiences from brands around the world.


IKEA developed a VR app that lets you try their products without requiring to physically go to the shop. The application runs on HTC Vive and gives you the tools to change sizes and colors so you fit them in a virtual room. Right now it contains just a kitchen area where you can use as a playground.


IKEA VR Experience

You may try this VR application over Steam Platform by navigating to the following link below.


KFC – The Hard Way

This VR application is developed by KFC as an employee training program for fried chicken. It starts with the chicken inspection and it goes up to the process of frying it according to KFC recipe. This training program is really one of it’s kind. By including a thriller theme, it ensures an entertaining gamified experience for the employees that are part of the training.

Below there is an Oculus Store Link where you may use Oculus Rift or Oculus Rift S in order to be part of the experience.


Holoride is a VR experience for back seat passengers. The mission is to turn the vehicles into moving theme parks. Holoride takes everyday journeys and transforms them into immersive experiences by combining navigational map data and car data into a virtual reality world. By matching what you see and what you feel with almost no latency (and this is what holoride proudly admits),  the system is able to reduce the motion sickness. So, enjoying a journey in transit becomes a positive and entertaining experience.

The project is not yet accessible by public but you can have look at their site and check more details.


This is a VR experience is presented by BBC. Inspired by NASA’s educational program for astronauts, this experience takes you to the space about 400km away from Earth. An immersive story and quests to be completed make this an unforgettable immersive game experience.

This experience is available both for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in their corresponding stores (Oculus Store and Steam).

BBC Home – A VR Spacewalk


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