Cybersecurity VR Card Game

We worked with Turk Telekom to develop enjoyable, innovative card game that introduced their Cyber Security Services.

When Turk Telekom wanted to find an exciting way to unveil their new Cyber Security Services, they turned to us. We created Cybersecurity VR, a game in which two players face-off as a ‘hacker’ and a ‘cybersecurity specialist’ using virtual reality headsets.

Armed with six special cards that cover Antivirus, Data Leak Prevention, Advanced Threat Protection, Anti-DDoS Protection, Application Firewall and Cyber Security Training, each player chooses three cards per round for the battle.

The hacker attempts to infiltrate and control the cyber system, while the security specialist uses Turk Telekom’s security services to protect against the attacks.

The intriguing nature of the game and the eye-catching VR aspect definitely helps set Turk Telekom apart from the competition at all tradeshows and conferences, getting more brand recognition!