What we believe?/

We sense, feel, think, act and build relations.

These are things humans basically do by their nature.


Creating a well-designed, purposeful, human-friendly experience; activates senses, generates feelings, creates thoughts, triggers actions, and thus makes people build relations about the subject of the experience. These relations are unique, impactful and unforgettable because they are real.


We work to let people, brands and organizations to get benefit from this powerful concept.


“XR Solutions Tailored To Your Needs”


Since 2014, Codemodeon has been utilizing VR and AR to create custom experiences that generate value for businesses in various fields such as marketing, trade shows, employee onboarding and training, team building, incentive meetings, product showcasing and more.


Roller Coaster In A Shopping Mall

Header Goal VR
Car Showroom Experience VR
Mountain Bike VR


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